Mark Weinstein - Algo Mas

Mark Weinstein - Algo Mas

Mark Weinstein, whose classic Cuban Roots revolutionized Latin Jazz has done it again. Contemporary electric guitar and spectacular flute improvisations with traditional Cuban folkloric drums and voices in the most innovative Latin Jazz record in decades. Swinging and lyrical, spiritual and funky, Algo Mas is a jazz album that dances and a dance album that enthralls. The repertoire borrows mostly from Afro-Cuban religious traditions and from popular street rumbas, and the execution is both organic and authentic, bringing the listener to the musical and spiritual soul of Cuba.

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Mark Weinstein - Flute
Pedro (Pedrito) Martinez: Vocals, percussion
Jean-Paul Bourelly: Electric guitar
Santi Debriano: String bass
Nani Santiago: Percussion
Gene Golden: Percussion
Skip (Brinquito) BurneyP percussion

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