Dave Liebman - Ornette Plus

Dave Liebman - Ornette Plus
From Dave Liebman:
As is the case with many jazz players, there is often a big difference between studio and live recordings, not quality-wise but obviously as far as excitement and spontaneous creativity are concerned. These two venues were as relaxed a setting as you can get with small and attentive audiences, so no show, just the music! The three Ornette tunes were recorded on “Turnaround” (Jazz Werkstatt) which won the prize for jazz record of the year (2010) from the German critics. Juris’ “Victim” has been played and recorded previously by the band over our twenty year history, but this particular version goes into textural directions that appear to be the direction the band is heading as I write these notes. Keeping a band together for decades demands constant reevaluation to inspire both the listeners and musicians. Tony, Vic and Marko give their all every time. My appreciation to these great artists for their commitment and musicianship.

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