Arthur Lipner - Modern Vibe

Arthur Lipner - Modern Vibe

Vibes and Marimbist Arthur Lipner presents a masterpiece of funk and energy with American &
Brazilian influences in this collection of covers and originals.  Contemporary/Smooth jazz fans and
sophisticated music lovers of all types will enjoy these tracks spin after spin.

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Nick Bariluk: Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Tom Barney: Bass (Electric), Guitar (Bass)
Bill Bickford: Guitar (Electric)
David Brandt: Navigator
Ney Conceição: Bass (Electric)
Nelson Faria: Guitar (Nylon String)
David Feldman: Keyboards
David Finck: Bass (Electric)
Kiko Freitas: Drums
Jerome Harris: Guitar (Electric)
Tommy Igoe: Drums
Arthur Lipner: Synthesizer, Percussion, Keyboards, Marimba, Pandeiro, Vibraphone, Soloist
Zé Luis Oliveira: Triangle, Caxixi, Rattles
Mauro Refosco: Drums (Snare), Zabumba, Agogo Bell
Joel Rosenblatt: Drums
Gary Schreiner: Harmonica

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