Arthur Lipner - Portraits In World Jazz

Arthur Lipner - Portraits In World Jazz

Arthur Lipner balances the original and catchy tunes with light, danceable melodies on this disc. Lipner plays the vibraphones competently, and shines as a soloist. He is in command of his instrument, and if he fails to go out on a limb, he nevertheless never misses a beat. For this recording he has assembled a strong, star-studded group with a universally good performance.

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Arthur Lipner: Vibes & Marimba
Fred Hersch: Piano
Rob Aries: Keyboard
Harvie Swartz: Bass
Vic Juris: Guitar
Glen Velez: Drums & Percussion
Bruce Williamson: Soprano Saxophone & Clarinet
Ze Luis Oliveira: Flute & Soprano Saxophone
Jerome Harris: Electric Guitar
Kathy Caprino: Vocals
Jim Mola: Vocals

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