Hip Hop Hoodios - Carne Masada

Hip Hop Hoodios - Carne Masada

Hip Hop Hoodíos is an allstar Latino-Jewish urban music collective that includes participation from members of such major Latin & Jewish acts as Santana, The Klezmatics, Ozomatli, Jaguares, The Pinker Tones, Delinquent Habits, Los Mocosos, and Los Abandoned. "Carne Masada" is the ‘Best of’ collection (with 5 new tracks) from the critically-acclaimed Latino-Jewish urban collective.

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Josh Norek a.k.a “Josué Noriega”: MC, vocals, bass
Abraham Velez: guitars, vocals, kazoo
Jason Poras a.k.a. “Pakov” : vocals, production, piano/keyboards
Federico Fong (Jaguares/La Barranca): bass
Wil-dog (Ozomatli): production, bass, vocals
Happy Sanchez (Latin Soul Syndicate / Los Mocosos): bass, production
Kemo the Blaxican (Delinquent Habits): vocals
Frank London (Klezmatics): trumpet
Paul Shapiro: clarinet
Juan Manuel Caipo (Orixa): guitar, drums
Cristian Nagel (The Pinker Tones): DJ/remixing
Steve McPherson: guitars

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