Oleg Kireyev - The Feng Shui Jazz Project - Mandala

Oleg Kireyev - The Feng Shui Jazz Project - Mandala

Incorporating traditional swing, Moldavian tunes, African rhythm and jazz into a distinctive art form, Kireyev recorded his latest CD, “Mandala,” in 2004 with percussionist Njaga Sambe (Senegal); guitarist Valery Panfilov (Moldova); bassist Victor Matiukhin (Ukraine); drummer Ildar Nafigov (Tatarstan); keyboardist Valery Belikov (Ukraine) and Kireyev on saxophones (Bashkiria). The result is a mix of ancient tunes of Asia with a striking contemporary sound, very high energy and exceptional musicianship.

“The Feng Shui Jazz Theater” celebrates the rich diversity of musical styles and instrumentation brought to the stage by Kireyev and his band members. World Music and lovers of Jazz and improvisation will play this CD again and again.

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Oleg Kireyev - Saxophones
Valery Panfilov - Guitar
Victor Matiukhin - Bass
Ildar Nafigov - Drums
Njaga Sambe - Percussion

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