Hip Hop Hoodios - Agua Pa' La Gente

Hip Hop Hoodios - Agua Pa' La Gente

Hip Hop Hoodíos (“hoodío” is a twist on the word “judío” – Spanish for “Jew”)  is an allstar Latino-Jewish urban music collective that includes participation from members of such major Latin & Jewish acts as Santana, Jaguares, The Klezmatics, Orixa, Los Mocosos, and Los Abandoned. Listeners bounce across a tightly stretched canvas of klezmer, hip-hop, and salsa splattered by some of the vividest, smartest rhymes to stud a rap disc since Beastie Boys' "Licensed to Ill".

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Josué Noriega: Vocals
Karl Perazzo: Congas, timbales
Happy Sanchez: Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Beats, Clavinet, Programming,
Abraham Vélez: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
The Salmon Street Youth Choir: Backing Vocals
Lynn Farmer: Drums
Federico Fong: Bass, Vocals, Drums
Steve McPherson: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Don Verde: Vocals
Frank London: Trumpet
Vivienne Miranda: Vocals
Pakov: Beats, Vocals
Margaret Thomsen: Vocals
Jason Borger: Organ
Topo el Caballito del Mar: Vocals
Juan Manuel Caipo: Guitar, Drums, Cajón
Tweety Gonzalez: Programming, Remixing

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