Marlon Simon - In Case You Missed It

Marlon Simon - In Case You Missed It
Marlon Simon and Nagual Spirits is the essence of Latin Jazz.  With pulsating traditional African originated rhythms, infectious melodies, jazz progressions and improvisations makes this CD soar.
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Alex Norris: Trumpet
Michael Simon: Trumpet
Peter Brainin: Saxophone
Edward Simon: Piano
Michael Boone: Bass
Boris Kozlov: Bass
Roberto Quintero: Bata Oconcolo, Culo e Pulla, Vocals, Congas, Yembe
Roman Diaz: Bata Iya, Vocals
Diego Lopez: Bata Itotele
Marlon Simon: Drums, Percussion, Timbales
Ali Bello: Violin
Carlos Rubio: Violin
Adrian Linares: Viola
Miguel Rojas: Cello
Nelson Gonzalez: Guiro

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