Mark Weinstein - Jazz Brasil

Mark Weinstein, concert, alto and bass flutes
Kenny Barron, piano
Nilson Matta, bass
Marcello Pellietteri, drums and percussion.

1.    I Mean You,           
2.    Triste,            
3.    Nefertiti       
4.    Brazil           
5.    Ruby My Dear       
6.    Sambosco       
7.    Dawn’s Early Light   
8.    Memphis Underground
9.    If You Never Come To
10.    Isotope           


MASTERFUL is the best description for Mark Weinstein’s latest recording, Jazz/Brazil, featuring NEA Jazz Master Kenny Barron.

* Mark Weinstein's CDs are musical gems.  Past releases continue to sell and are becoming classics.
* Mark Weinstein's CDs are cross genres. His CDs are continuosly on the
World Music charts.

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