Bill Kirchner - An Evening of Indigos

Bill Kirchner - An Evening of Indigos


“The concert is remarkable for its lyricism, musicianship, restraint, and the unity of the musicians. ....a concert of surpassing intimacy.” —Doug Ramsey,

“What a fantastic concert! The unity of mood, as you say, combined with an enchanting variety of musical and lyrical nuances, is unique. I've always appreciated Jim Ferguson, both as an instrumentalist and as a singer, but his interpretations, here, touched me particularly: his ‘Save Your Love For Me,’ so different from the other versions I love (Etta Jones, Irene Reid with Oliver Nelson), and those marvelous songs of yours: ‘Foolish Little Girl,’ that has a deep melancholy yearning à la Alec Wilder, and the adaptation of Yeats. Your own playing is always so elegantly moving and profound and, I'm ashamed to admit it, I've just discovered here in Miss Holli one of the real contemporary interpreters.”—Luciano Federighi, musician/jazz writer

“When Bill Kirchner enters with the theme, or variations on it, the tone of the evening becomes clearly set. There is drama in the lines: when building to a climax on changes, or at a turnaround, Bill invariably finds the expressive color tone, and holds it for everything it’s worth, projecting a very full and airy sound. Bill has developed avocabulary that maximizes his sound, relying on careful note choices, vocal inflections, repetitive rhythmic patterns, and a grasp of the material that leads to good musical choices.”—Marc Steinberg, pianist

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