Guru Vasist - Rise 8 Times

Guru Vasist’s album Rise 8 Times tells exquisite stories through songs - stories that empathize with personal struggles but ultimately celebrate the enduring human spirit. The music is a unique blend of world/pop/ethnic that transcends boundaries but has distinct roots in Indian Carnatic, Brazilian Choro, and American Jazz, performed by top-notch New York City musicians.

The title song is the story of a little girl in Tohoku, Japan, who, having miraculously survived the tsunami, looks around expectantly for her parents in a pile of wood where her home used to be. As she clambers to the top of the pile, she sees an endless junkyard, where fifteen thousand dreams were crushed in the blink of an eye. A solitary sign-board stands with zen-like stoicism -- “You may fall seven times, but rise eight times”.

In Durban, South Africa, a man asks his neighbor why they are packing to move from their home and their forefathers’ home, to an unknown, far away land. Once called a ‘coloured’ man, he had the opportunity to live a dignified life, and fight a dignified war...but now, he is not black enough to survive the freedom he won.

These are the kinds of stories Guru Vasist offers you in song. Rise 8 Times celebrates the eclectic world we live in, highlighting our resilience, quest for peace, and the joie de vivre.

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