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Jazzheads is proud to announce the release of a new recording of piano improvisations by the award-winning composer and pianist Randy Klein. Kleinway@Steinway is a series of performances recorded at the legendary Steinway Hall, the New York City home of Steinway & Sons since 1925. Kleinway@Steinway was the last recording at this historic landmark building.

The elegantly played improvisations were performed on a specially prepared Steinway concert grand, which stood proudly under the majestic two-story rotunda in the entrance to the building.

The improvisations were inspired by the unique character of Steinway Hall.

The sixty foot rotunda (Round the Rotunda), the piano showrooms (These Hallowed Halls), the ceiling mural (Mural in the Sky), and the basement where the craftsmen worked to prepare pianos (The Basement From Heaven) are images that inspired Randy’s performances.

The selling of the legendary Steinway Hall, the New York City home of Steinway & Sons since 1925 marks the end of an era. For more than 80 years, Steinway Hall has served as a home to generations of professional pianists and music enthusiasts from all over the world.

The improvisations are a tribute to Steinway Hall.

Two videos have been released from Kleinway@Steinway. The first, Playing Goodbye, takes us on a journey through the beautiful art-deco Steinway Hall. The second video, titled 57th & 6th, conjures up images of the hectic NYC intersection where the legendary building was located.

Randy Klein is currently working on a new project titled Ambient Spaces. It will be a live multimedia event featuring the marriage of improvised music, natural sound, digital images, and light, combined to give an audience an inspiring visceral experience.

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