Chameleonic, versatile, worldly, adventurous, and tour de force are all words used to describe singer/songwriter/actress Cristina Morrison. Affectionately known as the Baroness of Jazz, Cristinas sophomore album, appropriately called Baronesa, draws upon her tremendous life experiences featuring songs in four different languages with a mixture of eclectic and world jazz sounds.

Baronesa is a diverse mix of music styles jazz, tango, cha cha, drum & bass, bolero and even spoken word, and languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. The songs blend Cristina's skills as an actress and a singer and tell stories about her life, her friends and the Galapagos Islands. Each song is unique and the album flows from a deep, strong voice to a relaxed and sexy sound, to a spoken word piece about dreams.

The sounds are very different from song to song,explains Cristina. My producer, Misha Piatigorsky, pushed me to find the right sound in my voice for each song. This project is full of passion and love. There were difficult days in the studio, working each and every sound – making it perfect, but I still enjoyed making this album. The main key to me is to have fun with what you are doing.