Michael Earl Sings Songs About Famous People

Famous People are so fascinating. You can learn so much from their lives. What did it really take for them to become famous? Listen to Michael Earl sing about them and you will find out.

You can be anything you want to be is the main theme of this amazing collection of original songs that will inspire your child to do their best, to explore their potential and become an extraordinary person like the famous people on this delightful recording. Listeners will want to challenge themselves to be their best after learning from the lives of Ben Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Wilma Rudolph, The Beatles, Walt Disney, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many more. Kids and families will want to sing along with Michael Earl in this very unique compilation of songs, Michael Earl Sings Songs About Famous People.

Emmy Award-winning singer/songwriter/puppeteer Michael Earl has been entertaining people for more than 40 years. You might remember him as Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street from 1978 – 1980. Since then, he has traveled the U.S. giving music/puppet concerts for kids and their families. Collaborating with award winning pianist/composer Randy Klein, they wrote the 12-time Emmy award winning Ticktock Minutes which aired nationally on PBS and now they bring you these wonderful inspiring songs about famous people. They are heartfelt, enduring, and filled with positive messages for your children. You can be anything you want to be! Michael Earl Sings Songs About Famous People

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Tracks list
1. Ben Franklin
2. Wright Brothers
3. Martin Luther King
4. Madame Curie
5. The Beatles
6. Leonard Bernstein
7. Leonardo da Vinci
8. Babe Ruth
9. Helen Keller
10. Wilma Rudolph
11. Albert Einstein
12. Walt Disney

Produced by Randy Klein and Rob Harari. Engineer Rob Harari. Recorded at Harariville – Hoboken, NJ.

All songs: Music by Randy Klein. Lyrics by Michael Earl.

Copyright ©2015 Hot Lips Music and Yankowski Music (BMI) ℗ 2015 All rights reserved King Kozmo Music (a division of Jazzheads, Inc.) www.kingkozmo.com, info@jazzheads.com 212-580-9065

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