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Thank you for stopping by... Our CD catalog is available in both CD and mp3 digital download. All CDs are streaming for you to listen to the music. And...we offer a FREE download to you on this home page just for visiting our site.

Our DIGITAL DOWNLOADS are available as a complete CD album downloads only - not as individual tracks.  The entire CD can be yours for the low Jazzheads price of $7.95.

Please spread the word about Jazzheads and the quality music and recordings that we provide.  Thank you.  Randy Klein- President - Jazzheads

Latest Release

A Sides for Lovers
A Sides for Lovers

A Sides For Lovers from the new ĎA Sidesí series from Jazzheads, features selected recordings, released over a stellar 25 year period from the Jazzheads label, that exude deep feelings of love. Whether you are having a romantic dinner by candlelight, or a quiet evening together in front of the fireplace, A Sides For Lovers will enhance the essence of true amour.

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